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Technological advances, alongside with more sophisticated of their applications, such as, for example, medicine and environmentally-friendly technologies, have influenced the lives of the majority of common people. Young people are more susceptible to all the new they find around them; therefore, the young generations are the ones who take the most out of the development of technologies. In many ways, technologies have made lives better. However, the advance of technology has had several negative sides as people are spending more time with gadgets and less time communicating with one another.

It seems justified to say that the greatest change to people’s lives was made by a computer (in the form of a PC, tablet, smartphone, etc.) and the Internet. Sophisticated gadgets now help people perform multiple tasks, which range from keeping oneself fit to communicating with friends, that were previously not machine-aided. This way technology eliminates small errors from people’s everyday tasks and also relieves its users from small mental tasks, which means people can now dedicate more of their mental activity to significant needs. Ideally, this means that not being distracted by such insignificant things like, for example, the need to remember one’s shopping list, people will be able to pay more attention to important ideas they need to think about. In this respect, technology not only makes lives easier but also plays a time-saving role.

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Technology has also transformed a necessary part of every person’s life – education.  The changes made education much better, because, on the one hand, they help teachers in making sure that students have thoroughly worked during their studies; on the other hand, students have access to more information (through online libraries, for example) and to courses that they cannot attend in person. By making all the resources a student needs readily available, technology lets students concentrate on education itself, not on some insignificant distracting tasks. Students now have all they need for the studies easily accessible, as a result, they have more time to study, to learn the material. As a result, better educational results are more easily obtainable as students are less distracted from their studies.

However, along with benefits, technologies have brought some disadvantages, for example, the decline in the amount of live interpersonal communication. This might not seem a significant drawback, but humans are social beings longing for communication, and chatting with Facebook friends cannot substitute real talks and meetings. It is now a usual thing when a company of young people is sitting in a café, for example, and one or several of them are reading or typing something on their smartphones. This seems depressing to a certain extent because it shows that the value of live communication has decreased. While the level of communication is rising, the level of live communication is decreasing; more and more often, people apply machine-aided communication via Skype, Facebook, etc. As a result, while people communicate with one another, many might feel lonely or even depressed because of lack of real-life communication.

Generally, people are spending more and more time with computers: employees spend working hours at the computer, computers help people in studying, afterwards people often turn to computers for entertainment or communication with friends. It seems to be a negative result of the increasing penetration of technology into people’s lives as people are becoming more and more comfortable using that or other type of computer almost all the time. Technology might fail, and such failure will cause inconveniences to the person using it.

The drawbacks brought about by the development of technology should not discourage people from making use of it as the benefits in this case clearly overcome the disadvantages. A possible idea as to how to get more advantages from the technologies would be to rely on machines and software to the necessary extent without becoming dependent on gadgets in easy day-to-day tasks. This way, people would get the most benefit out of new advanced technologies without becoming excessively dependent on them and overusing them, which leads to the loss of time that could be spent with people instead of machines. This will also help avoid certain problems that might arise should technology fail.

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