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Changes in Technology

Technology has evolved as a driving force of the global economy. It is an important economic component that cannot be ignored. Government processes in the United States has achieved 98% efficiency due to the incorporation of technology. The White House estimates that, due to broadened technology diffusion in the US society, unemployment will be reduced […]


Love Bug

Explain the difficulty of creating a computer virus and discuss the frequency with which this happens. Creating a virus is not difficult in technical sense. However, in order for a virus to be efficient, the following requirements should be met: • The targeted operating system should be popular or wide-spread; • The operating system should […]


Development of Technology: Reflection

It is an obvious fact that the lives of the past and present generations differ to a great extent; this difference is due to the advanced technology which now accompanies people in their everyday life. Over the time, gadgets more and more penetrated people’s lives and are now taken mostly for granted. Technology gave people […]


Reflection: Technological Advances

Technological advances, alongside with more sophisticated of their applications, such as, for example, medicine and environmentally-friendly technologies, have influenced the lives of the majority of common people. Young people are more susceptible to all the new they find around them; therefore, the young generations are the ones who take the most out of the development […]


Ethical and Security Issues in High International Technologies (HIT)

In the world of sophisticated information technologies, ethics remains an effective guarantee of stability and regulatory compliance. McGonigle and Mastrian (2012) describe ethics as the system of values, principles, and decision-making models that create favorable conditions for effective ethical performance in the whirl of the rapidly evolving information technologies. The use of health information technologies […]

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