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It is an obvious fact that the lives of the past and present generations differ to a great extent; this difference is due to the advanced technology which now accompanies people in their everyday life. Over the time, gadgets more and more penetrated people’s lives and are now taken mostly for granted. Technology gave people access to information and new activities; it enabled easy communication over great distances and generally made people’s lives more convenient. However, the advance of technology has had several negative sides as people are spending more time with gadgets and less time communicating with one another.

In many ways, technologies have made people’s lives better. Now, one can communicate with almost any person in the world even if he/she is on the opposite side of the planet. This has become possible through the Internet and such programs as Skype; these technologies are easy and cheap to use, and they open the world for communication.

Information technologies have made the world a place of open opportunities: through outsourcing, talented people from anywhere, even poor countries, can have a well paid job as big companies more and more turn their attention to foreign professionals. Advances in the IT sphere have made it possible for different parts of a project to be done in different countries and then gathered without loss of time and quality.

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Day-to-day activities are easier than ever before as there is a huge number of appliances and programs to help people in their everyday lives. Thanks to small domestic machines, people worry much less about home chores, while a tiny computer – smartphone, which replaced ordinary phones, can help to find one’s way in the city, make shopping, communicate with friends, etc.

Development of technology has also had an impact on more serious spheres of people’s lives such as medicine as now doctors can save more lives. Also, environmentally friendly technologies let people decrease the negative effect they have on the planet.

However, along with benefits, technologies have brought some disadvantages, for example, the decline in the amount of live interpersonal communication. This might not seem a significant drawback, but humans are social beings longing for communication, and chatting with Facebook friends cannot substitute real talks and meetings. While the level of communication is rising, the level of live communication is decreasing; more and more often, people apply machine-aided communication via Skype, Facebook, etc.

The above-mentioned process of outsourcing is another disadvantage for people from developed countries, because now they have to compete for workplaces with people from all over the world. This might be a challenge for those who are not prepared to competition being a part of the global workforce.

The most significant negative effect of the development of technology is that people are becoming more and more dependent on gadgets, machines, and programs not only in some significant issues, but also tasks a person can easily do. All this increases the time people spend with machines and decreases the time they devote to other people. Moreover, technologies might fail; then, people who are dependent on them might experience certain inconveniences.

The drawbacks brought about by the development of technology should not discourage people from making use of it as the benefits in this case clearly overcome the disadvantages. A possible idea as to how to get even more advantages from the technologies would be to rely on machines and software only to the necessary extent without becoming dependent on gadgets in easy day-to-day tasks. This way, people would get the most benefit out of new advanced technologies without becoming excessively dependent on them and overusing them, which leads to the loss of time that could be spent with people instead of machines.

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