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Technology has evolved as a driving force of the global economy. It is an important economic component that cannot be ignored. Government processes in the United States has achieved 98% efficiency due to the incorporation of technology. The White House estimates that, due to broadened technology diffusion in the US society, unemployment will be reduced to 0.3% by 2018. Indeed, such elements of technology as innovativeness have been greatly encouraged. It is imperative to underscore that technology is a very dynamic field. New inventions and innovations appear daily and quickly change relevance. It affects every sector of economy. This paper discusses proactive steps the United States is taking to ensure the development of proper technology in the future. It also suggests what one could do to best prepare for the future technology shift.

The US is a place of rapid technological developments (Kelly 20). The US government recognizes that technology is an essential ingredient in economic growth and job creation (The White House). Consequently, there are a number of strategies the government should implement to ensure proper technology in the future. First, it should encourage research in the field of technology. The plan is vital in ensuring the emergence of new inventions and innovations. Thus, the country will not remain behind in the use of such machinery. However, it must also introduce an efficient quality control system. It is vital to note that the emergence of technology may be detrimental to the citizens’ well-being. Consequently, the US should regulate technology to ensure that only appropriate expertise penetrates the market. It is crucial that proper technology meets the demands of citizens. The US government should introduce technology studies/computer sciences in colleges and basic schools as a compulsory course. It will ensure that citizens do not learn about technology in general but through formal teaching in schools. Technology is a knowledge-intensive sphere that requires proper understanding and training. The training phase could also be extended to workforce. Technology education at the workplace will promote advancements to the next phase.

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Apart from the government’s actions, there is a need for proper legislation to govern future emergences. Statistically, Pew Research Center explains that as of 2014, 64% of Americans owned smartphones. The same year, 32% of the adult population owned e-readers, while 42% owned tablet computers. Further, of the US adults owning smartphones, 7% need smartphones for the Internet usage. The use of phones has been detrimental to academic performance of students. It has also been a source of immoral behaviors. The government must therefore enforce policies that ensure proper technology utilization in the future.

There are things one should best prepare for the rapid changing technology. First, one can take courses in colleges. Compute or /technology-based courses could be relevant, and they should be dynamic. An individual can also take advantage of the advances in terms of technology facilitation the government is introducing. Such knowledge is vital to be updated with new emergences. Moreover, one can join advocacy groups that press for recommended pieces of legislations, such as progressive patenting laws. The need for flexibility is paramount. One must be ready to adapt to changes that characterize technological revolution. Rigidity is detrimental to anyone living in the US.

The statistics display a society-embracing technology. The US is leading the world in broad technology support. However, there is a need for efficient strategies to ensure proper technology in a holistic society. It is possible that technology will destroy completely the society. In fact, such impacts are evident in the modern world. Technology is constantly advancing. Thus, it is important for the state and citizens to prepare accordingly.

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