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Summary of a Movie

Human health depends on the environment people live in to a great degree. Thus, as people pollute their place of living, their health may get worse. The opposite is true as well. By contributing to ecology, people create favorable conditions for their living. One may see this connection perfectly in the movie “The Day After […]


Communication Theory

First Case Study Question 1 Social role stereotypes involve everybody who is a part of working personnel or belong to some social group. Every person should know his/her place in the society. According to this fact, everyone understands how to communicate and behave with others. From the situation described in the case study, it is […]


The Main Theme of Master and Margarita

The novel Master and Margarita raises a kaleidoscope of problems, which are relevant in any epoch. However, the crucial theme of this writing masterpiece is freedom and its essential role in humans’ life. All characters of the novel go through the personal and public challenges, cope with the tragic happenings of the Soviet period, and […]


Female Friendship in More

Introduction In the face of overt racial prejudice in the Canadian society, Clarke strategically empowers Josephine, a white Canadian youth, to redefine the trajectory of racial prejudice in Canada. Idora’s interaction with the white representatives of the upper class in Canada demonstrates the profound segregation. She is inescapably stung by the issues of racism and […]


Paintings as a Reflection of the Epoch

Art has been popular for a thousand of decades, and the studying of this subject shows that it will be popular in future. It usually belongs to different movements and actions in the world. Speaking about expressionism, John Biggers and Gifford Beal should be mentioned as those artists who made a great contribution to this […]


AR 300 Art History

Storytelling is a useful way of rendering cultural traditions, values, and beliefs of the world’s prominent society modes, such as Egyptian, Islamic, and Early Christian cultures. Representing different periods and geography of the human society’s history, storytelling keeps and shares the sacred knowledge about a culture’s history, science, lifestyle, and political trends (“Storytelling and Culture,” […]


Transpersonal Psychology

Sri Aurobindo on Human Development-A Transpersonal Perspective Transpersonal psychology can be described as human nature and development that continue on the supposition that human beings possess abilities that exceed the limitations of the standard developed ego. It can be defined in forty definitions characterized by the five themes; namely: consciousness state, highest or ultimate potential, […]

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