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After the factory has shut down, a lot of workers were left unemployed. The fact that you no longer belong to the previous staff, to the people you loved and spent time with was quite frustrating for me. In addition, I was afraid of the possibility that I would not find another job of the same kind and with the same award. At the factory, I was engaged as the worker for more than ten years, and honestly speaking, my knowledge of the sphere I worked in did not broadened. At the same time, however, I acquired plenty of useful practical skills and abilities thus my chances to find new jobs were rather promising. However, due to the global financial crises, the cuttings of staff as well as shutting down of factories were the common thing. Therefore, despite my qualifications, it was rather hard to find a job place that will fit my desires. The instability caused by absence of occupation was another frustrating factor. Finally, I have found the job which was actually lower-paid one. My job search took me three months in total. Due to lower salary, my living standards have decreased, and I was forced to move out of my house to the apartment.

  1. Are Barberton families worse or better off since the Sieberling plant closed? Why?

The Barberton families are worse after the closing of the plant since they have to face the lowered life standards, the need to find new jobs, which are frequently less paid and of low quality. There were a lot of people who did not receive early retirement. Almost half of them were still unemployed two years after plant was closed. The character of jobs they got was inherently unstable.

  1. How did Barberton families react to the Sieberling plant closing? What can we learn from the specific cases of Bob Younger, Jake and Regina Ryder and Earl Pendergrass?

After the plant was closed, plenty of families tried to maintain their living standards at the same rate by cutting their expenses, living on their previous savings or borrowing money from outside. It should be noted that the recovery never occurred to Barberton again. The cases of all these families have shown us the way people cope with the sudden problem of unemployment (the harvest from the garden and the cutting of expenses), which actually could occur in everybody’s life.

  1. How have homeownership patterns changed for the “affluent worker” in the wake of the plant closing?

A lot of affluent workers have to forget about their dream of their own house. Many of them could not afford rent payments. The purchase of household items was also a rather dangerous thing.

  1. Discuss the reemployment experiences of workers who lost their jobs in the plant closing: a) Describe the job search.

In general, the job search was difficult. Only 25% of all workers had found similar jobs. Less than 50% of them were less paid at a new workplace. Almost half of the workers were unable to find jobs during two years after closing of plant. The jobs, which were eventually found, were completely unstable. Many of them were frequently fired as they were latest hired. Senior workers could not find jobs because of their age.

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b) How does unemployment insurance work? Who is not eligible?

In case an individual becomes unemployed, he or she might apply to specifically create state agency for the financial and other types of support. In order to receive financial assistance, a person should fill in certain documents that would testify that he or she is not currently employed and that they are eligible for the insurance. Individuals who do not meet the legal eligibility requirements cannot benefit from unemployment insurance. They are those who are not, for example, monetary eligible; who does not have job separation which is approved; who is not partially or totally unemployed; who is not mentally or physically able to work, etc.

c) Does retraining work? Why or why not?

Retraining does not influence unemployment rate significantly. Moreover, there are those who consider that a lot of people who are unemployed attend these programs in order to remain out of work. At the same time, the scientists report that retraining activities improve the psychological state of unemployed people who are often depressed and concern about their low price at the labor market. Such activities give them hope. At the same time, it should be noted that hope is the only thing that is guaranteed and is the next step which should be taken by a retrained person. And whether he or she succeeds in a new sphere and get out of unemployment circle depends on him or her.

d) What barriers affect the ability of workers to relocate?

The barriers are as following: the inability to sell house, the costs related to moving, family responsibilities, importance of family and friends ties, etc.

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