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The Popular Crowd by Jake Halpern is devoted to the lonely life of the population of such democratic countries as America. The nation consists of lone persons of different categories such as web designers, salespersons and bank operators leaving in isolation today. This lifestyle has effects on the personal lives of loners, as they tend to marry later in life. In 2004, the percentage of households consisting of only one individual rose to 26.4 percent a majority being young people. Meanwhile, the number of youths living alone aged 15-25 has tripled and the number of people aged 25-34 has quadrupled since 1970. Isolation results in the urge for a sense of belonging. Therefore, loners develop an interest in the celebrities and formation of para-social relationships with them. The study called Celebrity Attitude Scale (CAS) is based on the measurements of shyness and loneliness and requires subjects to rate the truthfulness of statements regarding their obsession with celebrities. At this point, there was an establishment of the correlation among the scores of shyness, loneliness and CAS (Lane 56).

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Having made a comparison between romantic and para-social relationships, students made a discovery that individuals who were less invested in romantic relationships had much more involvement in para-social relationships. The para-social relationships for these individuals fulfill their desires or needs that are not met in romantic relationships such as companionship and attention. On most occasions, the lonely teenagers form the para-social relationships with their celebrities, who, in their view, make these loners feel good about them while forgetting about their worries. However, this statement was thrice more common for the girls than boys. The survey on the question “Whom everyone would like to meet?” had varying results. Those who were not lonely had the urge of meeting Jesus Christ while those in the lonely category had 50 cent the person they would like to meet. These results vary with the appreciation and support individuals receive from their families and friends. The idea here is to belong to a popular crowd despite the consequences (Lane 76).

The Popular Crowd qualifies to be a good writing because of several factors. First of all, it has a proper organization. In this article, the author has his ideas organized in a manner that makes it flow logically. He makes sure to communicate about the argument or main point of discussion. To make his case, the author makes use of examples and case studies that support the argument about loners and how they seek attention in forming para-social relationships with the celebrities. There is the conduction of a number of surveys each with different number of subjects with the aim of getting results that prove his point. The paragraphs are structured in such a way that each discusses a survey with the results and the conclusions (Cushman 76). Moreover, the writing also has style that keeps readers interested. To ensure readability and elegance, the author makes use of appropriate word choices and sentence order. This helps in moving the reader easily and fluently between the sentences, words and paragraphs. He uses active voice to make clear points.

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One of the elements used in this writing is grammatical correctness. Here, the author makes sure to avoid spelling or typographical errors to make a positive impact on the readers. The other element is the focus. In this case, the paper has a clear point – lonely individuals and their desire for joining popular crowds with the aim of getting attention that they otherwise lack in their families or romantic relationships (Fitzpatrick &Andrea 37). The work organization is systematic. To prove the popular crowd thesis, the author discusses how isolated individuals develop in society, the cause for celebrity obsession and what popular crowds do with such individuals. The author also uses clarity, precision and concision. This is always a clear indication of the confidence of the writer in the topic and the presence of ideas to support it. The ideas are all connected thus bringing out the specific details. The other key element is the presentation which covers the spelling, capitalization, paragraphing, neatness and punctuation.

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The diabetes epidemic is a worldwide issue. Also known as diabetes mellitus, this turns out to be a long-term disease that has the characteristics of high sugar or glucose levels in the blood. A chronic disease requires careful management to avoid deterioration and further complications concerning the life of an individual. Such effects include kidney failure, blindness, heart disease and nerve damage. Diabetes can be of two types: type 1 and type 2. Type 2 diabetes in this context is a lifestyle disease associated with weight gain and high cholesterol levels. As much as it is possible to prevent, there is no cure for type 2 diabetes (Fitzpatrick &Andrea 34). Type 2 diabetes ranks as the most common type of diabetes with an effect of 85-90 percent of the American population. In the past, the most affected population was that of mature adults of 60 years and over. Today, even the young people are diagnosed with diabetes as the obesity and overweight rates increase. As individuals grow older, the risk of diabetes also increases.

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