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First Case Study

Question 1

Social role stereotypes involve everybody who is a part of working personnel or belong to some social group. Every person should know his/her place in the society. According to this fact, everyone understands how to communicate and behave with others. From the situation described in the case study, it is evident that social role stereotypes influence on interaction as a person analyzes which behavior proper or improper regarding a particular person. Suzanne knew who her boss was, and she did not know who Lt. Meyers was. Thus, she thought that she was right. There is evidence of prescriptive prejudice that a person with lower position in the society should respect anyone with the higher one.

Question 2

Suzanne obviously lacks sufficient emotional intelligence. She should not have been so rude with an unknown man, because her job did not allow doing so. Everybody should act according to ethic rules. Suzanne had to ask the man who he was and after that express her emotions and disagreement. Lt. Meyers, on the other hand, had to be more polite. It is incorrect to show subjective attitude to anybody from the working staff, since it is impolite and unprofessional. SSGT Lakey started advocating Suzanne and did his best to save her workplace. He demonstrated his emotional intelligence in this situation.

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Question 3

Lt. Meyers has expressive design, because he could not restrain his emotions and feelings. It is a bad logic design. This fact can make bad influence in some situations. Conventional design is allowable for a person who is a part of work personnel. This type is more calm and balanced. This fact helps to make pondered decisions. MSGT Robinson has rhetorical design. He started to solve the problem. Robinson wanted Suzanne continue to work. This type is the most polite and calm. Such person wanted to solve all problems in a peaceful way.

Second Case Study

Question 1

Lily’s face needs were to have Mia as a friend. The women could not predict that their positions at work would change into the head and subordinate, because they were working in different sectors of the company. After Lily had advanced, they continued to be friends. Lily asked for advice about firing the subordinates. Later, Lily had to fire Mia, and she did not have any choice. She had to perform this designation or go from work herself. It was a very hard decision for her. She followed TT’s prediction when initially confronted by Mia. Lily’s interaction with Ben is polite. She had to fire Mia if she wanted to save her work. Ben is vice-president and Lily should obey his orders.

Question 2

The rewards regarding this friendship were that the women could rely in each other’s advice and exchange some gossips. The costs were that their friendship could finish in any moment according to their work relations. I predict that Mia and Lily will remain good friends after Mia’s termination in case if their friendship was real and strong. In such a situation, Mia will understand that it is Lily’s obligation to fire her. Their friendship can finish if Mia will quarrel with Lily about her firing.

Question 3

Internal dialectics was injunction about Mia’s firing by Lily. It was the order of Lily’s boss, not her personal opinion, and thus she had to do this. External dialectics was Lily’s behavior in the situation whether to fire Mia or not. This fact appeared from their private relations. Was their friendship so strong to suffer such a serious barrier? Selection strategy was used to manage this tension. Cycle alteration and integration were better, because they are more flexible to make the right decision.

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The gossips about Lily’s subordinates were private and she had no right to discuss this with Mia. It was incorrect and unprofessional. Lily and Mia did not develop boundary coordination to separate their work and personal lives. They did not have to speak about work and Lily’s subordinates. One thing was good that they did not meet at work but at a pub or a café. These facts made bad influence when Mia started working in Lily’s department. Lily as a head did not know how to behave with Mia. She did not want that her workers know about their friendship, because it was unfair.

Question 5

In my opinion, selection strategy was used to manage this tension, because Lily had to make a choice whether to fire Mia or to leave the company. The vice-president told her that he could fire Mia or any three employees (but Mia is better). It was the choice without variants. Cycle alteration and integration would have been better. In that case, Ben should analyze Mia’s performance at the company and consult with Lily as she could see it directly. Maybe Lily could convince Ben and save Mia at work.

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Third Case Study

Question 1

Japanese culture did not respect American even when they were on their territory. It was very impolite. They privilege an individual’s success over the group’s one. American culture values group’s success more than individual. Japanese did not support strict codes of behavior. This culture did not react immediately to the remarks. Americans react to bad behavior in a polite way. They started to communicate with Japanese Company, but had a chance to finish their cooperation immediately.

Question 2

Yushiko did not want to accommodate. Much time later, after Mark’s appeal, she appointed a meeting. An important thing is that the meeting was on her territory. Yushiko did not think about their relations. Mark accommodated and applied the place of meeting. He wanted to continue their cooperation and was interested in this. I think Yuchiko had to be interested more, because her people wanted and would want to see the church.

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