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Human health depends on the environment people live in to a great degree. Thus, as people pollute their place of living, their health may get worse. The opposite is true as well. By contributing to ecology, people create favorable conditions for their living. One may see this connection perfectly in the movie “The Day After Tomorrow.” The protagonist of the movie, a scholar Jack Hall (Dennis Quaid), writes a report based on his analysis of the arctic ice. The results of his research show that soon the climate of the Earth is going to change. The processes of global warming are at their peak, and it means that the glaciers are melting. As a result, the temperature of the world ocean waters will decrease and it will affect the global climate negatively. When Jack Hall shares his report and tries to warn the US government of the coming danger, no one takes him seriously. The only man that recognizes the meaning of the report is professor Terry Rapson (Ian Holm). Meanwhile, Sam (Jake Gyllenhaal), the son of Jack Hall, and other prospective students come to New York to participate in some quiz. While they stay in the city, the storm begins and the streets become covered with water. Then, when the water freezes, New York becomes an ice city. While Sam and his friends try to survive, Jack Hall heads for New York to help his son and other people trapped in the snare. Finally, they manage to rescue the survivors.

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This movie shows the potential consequences of human indifference to their environment. Still, the point is that special measures would have prevented the disaster. It includes education of the general population about the global warming. People in the United States need some knowledge of the consequences of human actions. For that, they need to hear what causes global warming and how they can reduce the harmful influence on the nature.

A theory that addresses the issue is the Health Belief Model. The key concepts of this theory are perceived susceptibility, severity, benefits of action, barriers to action, cues to action, and self-efficacy. According to this theory, people use preventive services of public health departments depending on their beliefs. It means that if people themselves believe they are at risk of having a health problem they are more ready to take some action. To make a decision, they weigh potential benefits of taking action and avoiding it.

In this movie, beliefs are more important than overt symptoms are. So, one would recommend a two-step strategy to deal with it. The first step would be using educational intervention to change the beliefs about the severity of the global warming. When people realize the danger, they change their behavior. When their perceptions change, it leads to a change in behavior. They will then try to take action for prevention of the disaster. The education would include risk assessment and information about the consequences. Besides, the intervention would provide clues to action to encourage people to engage in different behaviors. The second step would be intervention on a societal level, that is changes through legislation. What is really needed is change at a national level. For politicians to believe that the change is necessary, their alleged threat of the disaster and benefits of action should outweigh their barriers to action. Jack Hall tried to do this at the beginning of the movie. He tried to warn people of the coming danger based on his research and facts. Yet, he mentioned a period of a hundred years so no one realized the perceived danger. People did not expect they would have to deal with it. For that reason, the politicians did not want to initiate evacuation while there was yet time. By convincing leaders to create laws improving the U.S. energy policy and encouraging companies to adopt sustainable business practices the change would become possible.

Consumerism and self-indulgence are the markers of the modern society. As many agencies encourage people to purchase as much as possible, and people get used to an instant gratification of their needs. Still, when people get used to someone constantly fulfilling their desires, they unlearn to do it for themselves. The movie “Wall-E” shows the potential consequences of such a lifestyle. According to the plot, the whole humankind has abandoned the Earth because it is full of trash. While people live in a starship called Axiom, the garbage-collecting robots clean the planet every day. Meanwhile, the captain of the starship regularly sends sleek robot probes to search for vegetation on Earth. One day the only cleaning robot on the planet finds a plant. Then, he meets Eve, one of the sleek robot probes. He shows her the plant, and then everything changes. The space shuttle comes back for Eve and delivers her to Captain McCrea. Then, after a row of adventures, he activates the program of returning to Earth. As Captain faces the rebellion of the autopilot system Auto, he first learns how to fulfill his needs without automatic bots, so do the inhabitants on board the starship. Thus, they return to Earth where they will have to learn how to live by doing everything themselves.

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The population of the Earth desperately needs the education in this movie. It seems as though they live in an imaginary reality where they unlearn to move and make life choices. They need to receive knowledge about independent fulfillment of their basic needs. Besides, they need education about healthy eating habits, as all people there are obese. In fact, they are all so overweight that they can barely move.

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