What to Do the Last Night before Your Test

Get excited before your test. Cheer yourself up and be ready for your next victory! Complete these easy steps before going to bed and be sure of your preparation.

Know the Location

Figuring out where is the place of your test right before it starts isn’t a smart decision. Double check the location, time you need to be there, plan your route and be sure you have enough gas to get to the testing center.

Set each Alarm in Your House

Literally, each alarm! You won’t wake up late, right?

Prepare everything You Need

  • A sharpened or mechanical pencil(x2)
  • A calculator
  • Reserve batteries for the calculator
  • Your photo ID
  • Key strategies and tactics (for each section)
  • A printed testing ticket
  • A watch!
  • Practice tests – make a little practice for your brains solving a couple of tasks from each section (math, writing, reading and science) in the morning, before your test.
  • A snack/drinks. (a banana or an apple, and a bottle of water.)
  • Clothes (should be comfortable)
  • Headphones (to listen to your favorite tracks before your test)
  • A gum (it helps increasing your mental alertness for about 20 minutes)

Make sure you prepared it after your dinner. Doing it 5 minutes to sleep is far more stressful.

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Carbo-Boost Dinner

Get a huge portion of carbohydrates from your dinner. It’ll fulfill your blood with glycogen (the main energy source for your body) and help you with the test.


Make sure you drink at least a gallon of water today (stop drinking 2 hours before sleep). It will improve your thinking process the next day.

Go to Sleep Earlier than Ever

It’s important to give yourself a bit of extra time to fall asleep. Put on earphones with 60bpm music or read a boring article to see your dreams faster.

What to Do if You Can’t Go to Sleep?

Combining tricks below will help you to fight your pre-day insomnia.

Cold Shower

Standing under a freezing shower around 2-3 minutes isn’t the best thing in the world, but as a result, slowed metabolism will take away your energy and help to fall asleep faster.

Make Your Room Dark, Quiet and Cold

Make sure you have your AC on or your windows opened to wake up fresh and awaken. Remember – a hot room results in a bad sleep.
Turn off ALL the light in your room. Make it solid black.
Finally, tell everybody it’s a day of complete silence.

Avoid TV Screens and Monitors 2-3 Hours before You Go to Sleep

The light from your devices confuses your brains that it’s still a day outside, and therefore, it’s hard to fall asleep right after using them.
And yeah, DON’T take any sleeping drugs (of course, if it’s your medical course you may continue doing it, otherwise – avoid it!)
By following these easy ways to spend your night before a test, you should manage to make the most relaxing and refreshing night ever. Waking up fresh, with a positive mood may play the crucial role in achieving the best results at your test. Good luck!

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