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Evaluation of Toyota Prius – Strengths and Weaknesses

Evaluation of Toyota Prius – Strengths and Weaknesses

Launched in 1997, Toyota Prius is a full hybrid car that combines the usage of electricity and gas to put it into motion. In theory, this technique is supposed to make the vehicle eco-friendly by reducing the amount of consumed fossil fuel and harmful emissions. However, the success of the automobile is impossible without a thorough analysis of its strengths and weaknesses.

To begin with, there is a big number of benefits that Toyota Prius obtains. First of all, the Prius was an innovation by itself because back in 1997 it was the first hybrid car available for mass production. The concept of combining two sources of energy alongside the brand’s name made the car extremely popular on the market, and its popularity has not reduced until today. Secondly, the Prius has lower emission level than any gasoline or diesel car. In fact, while driving at low speed, it can reach zero-emission state altogether. Toyota Prius is quiet, good looking, steady, and, above all, affordable. However, the main advertised strength of the car, its environmental friendliness, is not a clear cut and can be debunked by some critics.

As far as the car’s weaknesses are concerned, they exist too. Despite the fact that many people believe using a hybrid car increases fuel efficiency, it is not quite true. The reason lays in simple physics – because of two different systems installed, the car weights more than an average vehicle, which makes the consumption of fuel higher when you want to maintain the highway speed. Although Toyota Prius does not emit as much CO2 as gasoline cars do, its production can hardy be called eco-friendly. Due to the complexity of the process, manufacture of the Prius is more harmful to the environment than of any other car.

Despite all the drawbacks, Toyota Prius is still the leader of hybrid vehicles on the market. It is not surprising because the conducted advertisement campaign managed to highlight the strengths of the car – lower amount of CO2 emission, affordability, and comfort – and hide the less attractive features.

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