A Research Paper: Statement of the Problem

The statement of the problem is the way to consider some particular issue in your research paper more in-depth. Usually, each academic paper requires having a statement problem, but also it can be presented as a separate research paper. The last variant is extremely effective in solving small business problems. This article aims to provide you with some theoretical and practical tips on how to avoid typical mistakes and write a statement of the problem in your research paper correctly.

Identification of the Problem

The first step is significant and requires a lot of efforts. To write the statement of the problem, you must know about this problem more than you can even imagine. Usually, firstly you just find out the current problem state and then consider possible and desired ways of improving and changing it. However, to identify the problem does not mean that you know the problem. That is why we highly recommend you to follow the law of Five Ws and How. It means that you have to ask yourself a couple of basic questions:

  • Who are the participants? Who is engaged?
  • What occurred, and when/ where/ why/ how did it occur?
  • Why is it vital to improve it?

It gives you a chance to consider the different sides of even a small particular problem and clarify hidden elements.

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The problem of intellectual property rights and plagiarism nowadays is more and more popular. It involves school, college, and university students, as well as professors and workers. The reasons why it happened are extremely various and strongly depend on individual motivation and virtues.

Main Body

The central part of your problem statement should include at least two or three arguments. Of course, the number of arguments depends on the size of the problem. We highly encourage you to provide some vivid and concrete cases based on gathered and analyzed data.

Try to make your arguments logical and strong. Put the weakest ones first and then continue with the strongest ones. Usually, we identify the issue that causes a negative effect and then suggest a particular solution.


  • Education system encourages students to cheat because of the enormous amount of information to remember and huge numbers of academic papers to write.
    Solution: Review the current education requirements on particular subjects to follow study and life balance.
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  • Many students are unconscious of their actions, especially of plagiarism. They follow their goal to pass an exam or credit no matter what. The problem of students’ assessment is also here.
    Solution: Spread the knowledge of plagiarism and run some lectures each month on different types of plagiarism and its consequences.
  • Modern life rules encourage students to win no matter what. It causes the feeling of frustration when you fail. Students do not pay attention to the virtues anymore. They are addicted to the idea of becoming a winner.

    Solutions: Popularize the idea of being an individual. Success is not about winning all the time; it is about being yourself and about your ability to cope with challenges. Therefore, plagiarism does not make you better; it makes you even weaker.


Make a vivid and clear summarizing. Avoid using too many facts or figures. Make it simple and straightforward. Sum up your arguments briefly and give your own opinion.

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Plagiarism will not be a problem anymore if we change the consciousness of a new generation.

The statement of the problem in the research paper is a quite complicated thing, and we are conscious of that. However, we believe that following these simple and efficient theoretical and practical tips will help you to cope with this writing assignment. Moreover, it is a great chance to improve your analytical and critical thinking skills.

Good luck! Never give up!

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