Pros and Cons of Starting a Relationship in College

Relationships in College. Best Advice for Students

Starting relationships in college is not as easy as it may seem from the first sight. For students, it is difficult to realize how many temptations are waiting for them during college life. Despite the fact that most relationships result in positive experience, there are numerous cons, which should be considered.

Here is the list of the most widespread advantages and disadvantages of relationships in college.


  • Relationships are important for fighting against stress, as there is always someone to listen to you
  • Many students experience lots of difficulties in college, especially during their first year. Having someone around, you can share your problems, which will help reduce stress and relax.

  • Relationships help you understand yourself better
  • Being in a relationship means to test yourself. Close communication with someone you like will help you understand your own desires better. It helps determine what you want or do not want for yourself, what things you like to do, as well as things you would like to avoid. Sometimes, you can learn things about yourself you could not even imagine.

  • Being in a relationship helps you avoid the stress of dating
  • If you have a person you love and someone who loves you, you do not have to worry whether your feeling is mutual, whether you should do the first step or whether you should come and talk to him/her or pretend that you are not interested. Such situations are always awkward and prevent you from concentrating on other important things.

  • You may stop pretending
  • In order to attract someone, a boy or a girl tries to pretend being a person he/she is really not. Daily stress, connected to the questions like ‘what to dress’ and ‘how to behave’, can be extremely frustrating and overwhelming. However, if you date someone, it means that you were accepted the way you are and you do not have to pretend being someone else.

  • Dating is freedom, not bondage

Dating someone in college does not mean that you are someone’s property. You are free to have your private life, meet your friends and have time for yourself. The most important thing is to tell truth about your intentions and not to let the relationship hold you back.


  • Hanging out with single friends can become a problem
  • Single people have different priorities compared to those who date someone. Be careful not to be tempted by their life style.

  • Relationship at distance can be painful
  • If your girl/boyfriend is from a different city or even state, be ready for long-time parting. Summer holidays may become a real challenge and a great test for your feelings.

  • You are responsible for someone else
  • Be ready to the situation when the problems of your partner will become your problems.

  • Forget about dating
  • Dating experience is what many students in relationships miss much. Get used to the fact that meeting different guys or girls at the same time is in the past.

  • You may lose the feeling of butterflies in your stomach

Dating the same person for a long time can make you lose the spirit of romanticism you used to have. Do not let such feelings take over you and build you “happily ever after” together!

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