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Parts of the Novel that Are Crucial to Providing Principal Information to the General Plot Line

Ray Bradbury wrote The Martian Chronicles in 1950. As one may understand from the title, the book tells about the events that take place on the Mars. It is traditionally referred to the science fiction genre, but many people disagree with that. They say that the novel is anti-scientific, because the author uses purple prose, does not present information in a believable way and does not display the reality as the genre of science fiction requires. Regardless of these arguments, this is a very interesting novel. It tells about people’s experiences on Mars. It will not be a mistake to say that it is the story of adventures on Mars from the viewpoint of Earth people.

The story begins with the attempts of Earth people to colonize Mars. The first six chapters tell about the expeditions sent from the Earth to explore the red planet. Unfortunately, these expeditions fail to do what they have to, since every time Earth-men are killed by the Martians even before they manage to explore the planet completely. One day, most of the Martians get infected and die from a disease brought to their planet by people from one of these expeditions. Therefore, the fourth expedition finally becomes successful.

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When Earth-men receive such an opportunity, they immediately begin making the red planet habitable for themselves. They plant trees to increase the oxygen amount in the atmosphere, try to win over the Martians who survived, rename places on the planet, construct houses, create businesses and bring more people from the Earth. Thus, they turn Mars into the second Earth.

In the last seven chapters, the Earth becomes threatened with a nuclear war and people ask those from Mars to come back to the native planet. Since this planet remains their home and their families keep on living there, they come back not even having second thoughts.

In the end of the story, a rocket lands on Mars. It brings a family of five to the planet – a husband, a wife and their three sons. The husband sets all their documents on fire and destroys the ship on which they came. He states that he is willing that his family begins a new life on a new planet. He also adds that soon another family will join them – a married couple with four daughters. Afterwards, the man offers his sons to “see some Martians.” They go to the canal and he says to take a look at their own reflections in the water.

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