Eating Healthy on Student’s Budget

Many students, especially freshmen, miss proper healthy meals. Actually, during the first year of study, about 50% of students miss their mothers’ cooking more than anything else. When I started to feel disgust at fried potatoes and microwave meals, I decided that the time came to act and maintain a balanced diet, which could be both affordable and nutritious. And I am sure that many students feel the same.

However, while many students have strict budgets and often shop in the discount stores, about 75% of those in the UK eat not less than three meals of good value every day. I wanted to figure out whether I could do so, as well. Now I have learned that it is possible to maintain a diet that can keep both your stomach and purse full.

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Here are several pieces of advice on how to eat healthy while going to college.

Buy Vegetables

Many of us always leave a week-old boccoli somewhere in the fridge. Do not do so! Vegetables are healthy and nutritious. Besides, most of them can either be purchased fresh and then frozen, or come already frozen. If you decide to buy frozen vegetables, you will see that they are usually incredibly cheap, can be kept for a long time and retain their nutritional value.

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A Budgeted Weekly Shop Is Cheaper

Do a big shop once a week. You will notice that stocking up on all the food groups in one trip is a good way to save some money.

Shop in the Evening for Reduced Prices

In the evening, most supermarkets sell products which are close to the sell-by date, like bread and other bakery products, for reduced prices. Do not avoid such products, even if you are not going to eat them today, you can freeze them and eat later.
The discount section can actually keep you on budget as it is a much cheaper way to purchase fruuit, vegetables and meat, which often last just as long as if you had bought them at full price.

Look at the Dates

You have to understand the difference between the use-by date that is a health warning, and the best-before date that is usually manufacturer’s opinion of best quality. Look at the product and smell it, but often food, which has passed the best-before date, is still good. You can even visit stores that specialize in selling products beyond their best-before dates at discounts.

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Plan Your Meals

By having a meal plan, you can ensure you use those products that you already have. There are even online services such as BigOven or Supercook, which offer recipes for whatever you have in your kitchen. You can write a draft menu for the week, which will help you to complete a shopping list and will prevent you from buying products you do not actually need right now.

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