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Question 1

My top five strengths from the Values in Action (VIA) Character Assessment are as listed below:

  1. Love
  2. Bravery
  3. Teamwork
  4. Fairness
  5. Forgiveness

Love is the one of my top five strengths. The key experience that contributed to the development of love was when one of my best friends helped me when I was sick. He took care of me, and it made me develop love for others in the community at any given time. I can utilize this strength in my leadership capacity by taking care of the needs of all employees unconditionally. It involves supporting them genuinely in cases where they face challenges in their career. I believe that I have an ethical obligation to utilize this strength to the betterment of a workplace, as a leader.

Bravery is another important strength that I possess. I became courageous when I was facing opposition from everyone, as I tried to defend a thief who had been caught red-handed. I stood in the crowd and told people not to take law in their hands and not to punish him and everyone listened. I can utilize this strength in my leadership capacity by making informed decisions to help the organization overcome its challenges. I believe I have an ethical obligation to use this strength for the betterment of the workplace because it helps deal with existing threats and challenges.

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I also possess an ability of teamwork as a key strength. My scouting experience gave me the opportunity to develop the strength of teamwork. We used to work together as scouts hence boosting my belief in others and the aspect of teamwork. I can use teamwork in my leadership capacity to boost the level of coordination and mutual understanding among employees. Again, I believe I have an ethical responsibility to use this strength for the improvement of a workplace as a leader because it promotes the achievement of organizational results.

My fourth strength is fairness. The experience I have with my family contributed to the development of such ability. In our family, there is a high sense of fairness as everyone is valued and respected at any given time. I can use current strength in my leadership capacity when allocating different duties and responsibilities to employees. I have to be fair enough to ensure each employee gets a fair share of duties and a fair salary for that matter. It is an important strength and I believe I have an ethical obligation to utilize the strength for the improvement of the workplace through the promotion of equal opportunities for all employees in the company.

The fifth important strength is forgiveness. I developed forgiveness when I realized that one of my very close friends had betrayed me. He disclosed some of my personal information to other people and I did not like it. Nevertheless, he went ahead and apologized and I had no option but to forgive him. It is when I learnt the art of forgiveness. I can utilize this strength in a leadership capacity by pardoning employees who make mistakes in line of other duty. It encourages them, hence leading to positive results in the organization. I feel I have an ethical obligation to use this strength in my work at the organization because it marks an important point for the creation of positive relationships.

Question 2

My unique blend of synergy will be established on my signature strengths including teamwork, fairness, bravery, love and forgiveness. The synergy will involve members of the organization working together in teams, as they focus on different goals within the organization. For example, teams will be encouraged to combine technical and administrative skills to lead to better customer satisfaction in the organization through perfect communication strategies. In my leadership position, I will be able to involve employees in the making of important decisions for the organization. It takes bravery to deal with different challenges within the organization. Involving employees will create a connection with the management, which is a crucial part of the synergy. The synergy will encourage love, fairness and forgiveness for everyone to ensure we are on the right track toward realizing the goals of the company.

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I can leverage such synergic combination of strengths to grow as an ethical leader through effective delegation of responsibilities. I will ensure that I delegate some of my duties and responsibilities to other employees to motivate them and avoid scenarios where I am faced with ethical dilemmas. Delegation will reduce the level of errors and potential ethical controversial situations. More so, I will leverage this synergic combination of strengths by getting authentic and real with my employees. It will involve looking at problems openly and sharing all issues at hand. Mutual understanding and respect will promote my growth as an ethical leader with such synergic arrangement.

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