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The job markets have become overcrowded. There are very many people competing for the few employment opportunities. It is even hard to hit neither a dream job nor a job that matches your education level. The rate of job creation is quite low compared to the number of job seekers that is rising tremendously. However, although the job opportunities are slim, I have not given up my idea and passion for becoming a teacher. I am confident that I will make my way and finally secure my job. Teaching is the job that I would like to pursue in the future.

I have come from a lineage of teachers. Many members of my family have chosen this occupation. I do not know whether I was destined to become a teacher because they are teachers. Nevertheless, I sincerely love teaching. To some extent, my brother and my father have been my great source of inspiration and motivation. In other words, they are successful people, and I always envy them. Through this inspiration, I have convinced that teaching is one of the most attractive and lucrative jobs that one can pursue. I would like to follow their steps in the future, and that is why I want to continue teaching.

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I will pursue education as my dream career because of the free time teachers enjoy. They are among those persons who work for the least number of hours. In most cases, they work for less than 9 hours a week. I would like a job that leaves me with a lot of free time to pursue other goals in my life. I have realized that teaching is one of the best jobs that can help me achieve my dream. Also, the long holidays (teachers enjoy when children are out for holidays) make me develop a liking for teaching.

Another important thing that has made me stick to teaching as my dream career is my passion for serving. I love helping people, and passing knowledge to others is one of the fascinating things for me. I enjoy nurturing children so that they can get knowledge on various issues. Teaching is one of the jobs that will offer me with an excellent opportunity to serve people.

On the other hand, teaching is one of the jobs that would guarantee me joy in my life. I have a feeling of helping others. I would like to help others when they are young. I would also enjoy it when I see that people whom I have helped have pursued different careers, and they have succeeded. For example, I would be very happy when I teach a young child, and he finally becomes a doctor. That will be my great source of joy. I want to pursue teaching as my future job because I want to add value to other people’s life. I am motivated to nurture people and instill knowledge in them.

Finally, I would like to pursue teaching as my dream job, because I do not just want a job that makes me happy. I would also like to make other people happy. By pursuing teaching, I will be sure that I will fulfill my life and also help others.

In conclusion, teaching is one of the most exciting jobs that I would like to pursue in future. Most of my family members are teachers, and I feel that I will follow the path. Teaching is one of the jobs that fascinate me. I like helping others. Therefore, I would like to pursue it. On the other hand, the job will also help me to add value to other people’s lives.

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