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The success pillars of any business firm are achieved through setting up of appropriate program goals, objectives and evaluating of the outcomes. The decision criteria to designing a program goal starts with the identification of the problem needs of the target clients. Identifying consumer problems is achieved by carrying out thorough market research, so that customers demand trends are observed (Frame, 2002). Filling the market gap does not just start instantly, but the producer has to set up strategies to make sure that the market problem is solved. It should start by setting up a goal, objective and carrying out further courses of action to achieve the outcomes. Tusker Mattresses Limited is a world class private retail store offering a wide range of consumer commodities. The success of the company initially derives from a clear set of program goals, objectives and timely measurement of outcomes.

According to the definition, goals of the program are specific and measurable statements that broader the impact of program’s initiation. Program goals often address changes. Followed closely objectives are the program objectives that, by definition, are the measurable and specific statements of the anticipated direct impacts of the program supporting the achievement of the goal. Goals and objectives must have measurable characteristics (Twatchtman-Cullen & Twatchtman-Bassett, 2011). Program outcomes are defined as performance measures used for determination of the program changes. Outcomes do give a reflection of changes in service felt by participants of the program and progress towards the goals of the program. In shorter terms, outcomes give a full description of impacts of the program events.

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Tusker Mattresses Limited is characterized by the intrinsic ability to provide outstanding quality products at affordable prices and sizes to its customers. To achieve the fruits for this, effective goals and objectives are implemented, which aligns with the customers’ expectations.

A clearly set program goal, objectives and effective performance measure gives an understanding of the industry, market, customers and actions of the competitors (Tomczyk, 2005). Furthermore, it minimizes intervention by the government and other regulatory authorities.

Tusker Mattresses Limited’s goal is to be a leading brand retailer with the objective of exceeding what every customer in every corner expect from a product’s quality and value. It achieves this by providing a range of mega to express or convenient customer products depending on the needs of the community that surrounds the retail store. It also makes sure that almost every customer in any location gets access to the products through promotion of the local economics.

Implementation of goal program is initiated by positioning itself in strategic leader points of the regional retail sector business. This is achieved through optimization of the information technology systems available and improvement management efficiency operations. The objective towards goal achievement of the company is based on its strong culture and employees who are committed towards the goals and improvements. The supervisory and management teams are also competent in evaluating the outcome of the goal. To date, Tusker Mattresses Limited has an outshining picture towards customer satisfaction in terms of quality, value and prices of its commodities compared to its competitors’.

The success of Tusker Mattresses Limited towards evaluation of its outcome can’t be profitable without observing the contributions of the program goal. As noted earlier, goals can be compared to a journey destination for a business seminar or meeting with an objective to meet great business ideas to implement. The outcome of the journey is evaluated by taking a look on whether the journey is successful with the objectives achieved or not (United States Government Accountability Office, 2010).

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Tusker Mattresses Limited meets the expectation gap of the customer through program goal setting, objectives and outcome measure. As discussed, one can see that the goal is not set without an objective; similarly, an outcome is not achieved without a goal that will yield that outcome. Therefore, these three components have a strong relationship with each other in making success. These three statements are mutually important for a firm to achieve its customer efficiency.

As presented virtually above, the relationship between the three statements is observed. The first step includes identification of the customer needs and developing a goal program to meet the demand. Tusker Mattresses Limited works to be a leading retail brand in the region in terms of quality and prices of its products. The second step involves description of the goal program in terms of the objectives. The objective of Tusker Mattresses is to fill the customer’s expectation for quality and affordable goods. Its culture gears this to enhance local development and provision of goods depending on the customers’ needs and convenience.

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The objective is enhanced to success by use of the available information systems, support from both employees and management team. These are integrated together towards enhancing management of customer efficiency (outcome). Customer efficiency is achieved by measuring performance of the goal program at the last stage. Therefore, the visual cycle shows that the success of one step depends on the successful implementation of the subsequent one creating a direct relationship between them (Mullins, 2013).

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