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The DELL Company has struggled over the past years to create a social media culture that will enable its communication with its clients. The social portal was a form of social platform through which customers would communicate their feedback based on the quality of services and products offered at the company. A social media culture was aimed at competing with the other companies that were in the market and communicating directly with their clients and customers. The success of the social media culture has been prosperous over the past years due to some factors put in place by the company’s respective authorities.

The company created a social media taskforce office that was headed by some of the management workers. The office of the social media was coming up with ways that can enhance company’s communication with its customers and clients before and after the purchase of their products take place. Each worker was tasked with the responsibility of communicating with the customers and handles their concerns. The suggestions of the social media generated improvements towards the market development of the manufactured products and services provided by the company. Step that some of the workers took was creating social media groups that enhanced building of a social media culture. Workers updated and twitted through the groups they had created and enhanced the company’s communication to the market. Therefore, clients and customers started to post their concerns on such portals strengthening communication with the company. When the company created its own harsh tag, it only improved the social media culture for the company. Clients were in a position to communicate the challenges and suggestions through a trending common website format. The creation of more social sites has also been a major boost towards the social media culture for DELL. The entire global market can be reached depending on the type of social media used. The workers concerned with the social market part of the company are in a position to interact with the clients in different languages and social forms are interesting for the client.

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DELL Company was faced with the challenge of creating a social media culture that could accommodate the demands of every participant in their business. The building of a decentralized social media culture in terms of a brand from top down is possible due to several reasons and factors that surround the company. The initial steps of the company have a manual paper customer interaction format that can be used to create a social hub for the company to rely on in order to reach its customers. The format will determine the resolutions made by each customer based on his or her interaction with the company. When the company goes online with its social media culture idea, the different systems can be decentralized among different stations. The stations developed can be in one station or the different regions where the offices are situated. Different stations can be mandated to handle different social brands that DELL is interacting with while handling clients. When the company develops a social hub to communicate with its clients, the hub can be initiated in the manner through which other sites are controlled.

The different classes of social media cultures have been enabled by customer feedbacks towards the products available to the market. When the company takes into account communicating directly with the customers, it will expand its way of enhancing a proper social brand for DELL. Every client will be in a position to interact with the system to strengthen the expansion. When the system has expanded, the company will be able to decentralize its resources to ensure every person is reached for the benefit of the company. The company will have to ensure that all stakeholders are involved to provide the resources required to strengthen the social brand. When the company decentralizes the social structure of its social media culture, the issue of client complains faced over the past years will be minimal.

The probability of a business to close through the social media is high likely to occur than the traditional leads. The customer feels appreciated and connected to the company when he or she is communicating directly with the customer relations’ branch. The customer will feel the need to close a deal with the business salesman who considers the need to talk to him. The business deal will undergo several steps that the client undergoes through the process of purchasing the products. Most customers prefer taking their concerns online to avoid travelling expense. Yet when the client finds it necessary to come to the business center with a complaint then the product is not of good quality and the chance of selling the product is low.

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The social media sells gives opportunity for the clients to view the pictures of the products and assess them before making a deal. Such opportunities have improved online sales since products to be sold and services provided to clients at far distances enhance the businesses. The social media sales have also offered clients seminars to receive more information concerning their products. More information regarding the product increases sales of the company. The need for traditional methods have been found considerably tiresome and hectic based on the resources required forming a deal. The considerate plans for social media sales are cheaper and affordable to the company based on the minimal expenses involved. The company will encounter with transporting expenses when delivering the product to the client. The carriage charges are manageable as compared to the customer’s expenses when visiting and leaving with the products.

The proposal by the company to start a social media culture will enhance the possibility of improving the customer relations with the company. The workers will be in a position to communicate with their clients and solve the different concerns they have while using their products. The concerns of the company to create the social media culture will be possible through the old techniques that the company had established by their paper manual work. The manual work can be upgraded to ensure every individual is accommodated.

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The selecting of a top decentralized social station is possible through the different stations the company has while transacting its business. The current social sites have encouraged social system structures to be established. The customer can interact with the company through any form that is suitable to him or her. The interaction can lead to improvement of services and products that the company is providing to the users. Every step that the company takes to communicate the customers can be seen through the recorded data that will boost correcting any mistakes made by the worker.

The social media sells have been considered easily done than traditional methods used in the past due to the interaction made with the customers. The customer can access information and ask direct questions. The questions save on travelling costs and any other expenses required to transact the business. The possibilities of handling a business are much easier and cheaper.

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