Wine Production at Freemark Abbey

Wine producing business is considered to be extremely complex, however, quite beneficial. If the process is set up perfectly, the real manufacturer gets both pure satisfaction and huge earnings from his or her deals. The process of making wine is generally quite simple, but at the same time very demanding and needs to be controlled properly to avoid any inaccuracies. This clear guide will help you get into all peculiarities of wine producing business.

Freemark Abbey Wine Production

The Winery

Located in the Northern Napa Valley, Freemark Abbey manufactures purely premium wines, including only exclusive sorts of grapes. Generally, the factory produces over 300,000 bottles of wine each year, including the most popular sorts, such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay (100,000 bottles each), Riesling (12,000 bottles), Petite Syrah (6000 bottles) and others. The location of the winery is extremely successful, as being situated between Calistoga at North and Napa in the South, the Napa Valley has perfect temperature all over the year. That is why the climate for grapes favors the wine a lot.

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The Process of Manufacture

Each fruit contains a certain amount of sugar in it and this sugar transforms into alcohol with the help of yeast and the process of fermentation. In the result, you get equal quantities of carbon dioxide and alcohol, which is why wine needs to stay in wooden barrels for years to wait until all the bubbles dissipate. In general, this is the way all wine is produced, however, to make the sort peculiar, you should correctly choose the barrel wood type to store the wine in. In addition, the manufacturer has to be precise with the timing, as it is very important when to harvest the grapes in order to keep the proper sweetness/acidity ratio. Depending on the type of wine, which the factory wants to produce, the grapes are gathered at the certain time of the season. The sweetness of wine is determined by the amount of sugar in it. If the grapes are harvested with 20% of sugar in them, that means the wine will be dry or semi-dry. It will contain about 10% of alcohol. Moreover, when the amount of sugar is 25% or even 35%, the wines are called sweet with the alcohol level at about 11% together with the so-called residential sugar levels up to 13%, which adds extraordinary concentration to the wine.

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It is extremely significant to make a right decision. The choice is made taking into consideration several factors that altogether influence the result. Once, Mr. William Jaeger, the owner of Freemark Abbe, had to decide whether to gather his grapes crop or try to survive the upcoming storm that was forecast to happen in the nearest future. The consequences of each decision could have been completely different – mediocre wine if to collect the crop or no wine at all, because the storm could ruin the crop. Therefore, the manager of the winery should be professional and love his/her business.

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