How to Train Your Brain

Let’s think for a while about the importance of the human’s brain and a huge variety of functions it completes on a daily basis. We perceive, comprehend, contemplate and express our feelings and emotions thanks to the work of the brain. Many behavioral and physical functions are under its control too. In order to fuel our brain and make it work even more efficiently, it is significant to devote time to brain training exercises, at least to those, described below.

Play Memory Training Games

Nowadays, phones serve not only as a means of communication but also as a great source of information and opportunities to develop. There is a wide variety of free memory training games available for Androids and Iphones, which are aimed at exercising your brain. Try playing such games as Simon Says, Kubik, Smart Matches and other the same style apps, which is both fun and challenge.

Find the Difference Games

Another kind of developing games is finding differences, which involve matching identical cards as well as train your powers of observation and test your level of attentiveness. There are online and printed versions of such games. You can also make confusing cards, drawings or images on your own. The most popular versions of find the difference games are What’s the Difference, Spot the Difference, Find the Difference.

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Get used to Breathing Exercises

Recent studies have shown that regular breathing exercises, yoga classes and meditation have a positive impact on the performance of the brain. People, who devote at least 10 minutes of their day time to breathing exercises are tend to process information faster, are more accurate, comprehend, and reflect information in a more effective way. Such results prove that enough oxygen in your brain boosts its power and improve the process of a person’s cognition.

Start Solving Puzzles

A perfect way to develop logical thinking, increase your level of patience and observation skills and simply keep your brain in a perfect form is to solve puzzles regularly. Start from less difficult puzzles and keep on solving more complicated. In such a way you will both enhance your memory and get satisfaction from completing a thousand-pieces image of a beautiful landscape, for example.

Challenge Your Non-Dominant Parts of Body

To put your brain under exercise, it is necessary to simply put in activity a part of your body you use less often. If to start using your left hand instead of right (or vice versa) while writing, doing house choirs, brushing teeth or your non-dominant leg while playing football, it’ll definitely expand the parts of the brain responsible for sensory and motor tasks.

Consider that the more time you devote to exercising your brain, the stronger and more productive it will become in the future. Keep your brain in a perfect shape and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the performance results.

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