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The Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses (2016) considers evidence-based practice (EBP) as a manner to inspire the best patient care. The practice incorporates the finest available data to supervise nursing care and increase positive patient results. Thus, the practice aids health specialists in addressing health care problems with analytical and qualitative tactics. Therefore, EBP can be defined as the vital incorporation of the paramount accessible evidence together with medical proficiency. EBP has numerous benefits when used by practitioners; therefore, it is important for nurses to utilize this practice, as well as understand research methods to implement EBP.

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First, it should be noted that there is a difference between conducting a research and using the evidence-based approach in the medical setting. The utilization of the practice presupposes the use of the newest evidence obtained from the research to direct patient treatment and care to achieve the best results for the concerned individual. It has been established that the incorporation of the EBP has numerous advantages in health care. To begin with, the implementation if the EBP by nurse practitioners and other medical specialists is crucial because it leads to high-quality care that contributes to better patient outcomes because the EBP integrates the newest research evidence that is made accessible to health care workers (Prior, Wilkinson, & Neville, 2010). Furthermore, the contemporary application of the EBP in health care can result in improved patient outcomes since it embraces health care recommendations that would aid practitioners in analyzing issues associated with the client care.

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Second, the application of evidence-based methods would help to control resources available, as it will be used effectively and not wasted in the process of identifying a means of ensuring competent patient care. Moreover, it can improve nurses’ assurance, flexibility, and expertise, as well as enhance work satisfaction and teamwork among health care providers. Nonetheless, regardless of these advantages, acquaintance with and the application of the evidence-based approach are low owing to numerous hurdles in the medical field.

The advantages of the evidence-based approach for patients and health care, in general, do not, luckily, come at the expense of practitioners. Rather than relying on old educational sources to institute judgments about the client care, the EBP permits practitioners to add research to the discipline of nurturing and relate the freshest study and methods while avoiding using unverified approaches. Consequently, there is no doubt that the EBP increases nurses awareness. Therefore, nurses should apply the training to improve their understanding.

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Practitioners require recognizing study approaches to implement the EBP. According to Conner (2014), the aim of conducting a research study is to create new information or to authenticate general understanding founded on a notion. Research readings comprise methodical, systematic analysis that covers particular study issues or the assessment of the propositions. While exploration is about analysis, survey, and innovation, it correspondingly needs an indulgence of the values of science. For study outcomes to be regarded dependable and efficient, scientists should apply the systematic approach in logical, chronological phases. The basis of nurturing care provision needs to be a research-established awareness tempered by the consciousness of the individuality of the client and the condition.

Health care represents a multifaceted scheme analyzing numerous care-associated features to achieve the expected result for the customer. Nurturing care is delivered to persons who need support associated with their well-being. This devotion entails practitioners who should identify a primary field of data that replicates value care. The EBP needs to be advanced based on the research and it should involve distinctive medical applications centered on available current explorations (Prior et al., 2010). In the pursuit of superior treatment and care, the practitioner needs to apply both dependable scientific awareness and accurate medical facts. This procedure of instituting a fundamental basis of the recognition has been classified by numerous terms, including preeminent practices, EBP, and value of care. Regardless of how the practice is called, the foundation for the care to be delivered needs be grounded in the study.

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Ideal results are attainable for clients when health care practitioners distinguish how to discover, analytically assess, and apply the right facts, and when patients are assured that their well-being experts are implementing evidence-based care. The assurance that the care delivered is based on a verified research contributes to patient confidence in the practitioners’ obligation to provide high-quality health care. Specialists should not depend on unconfirmed cure tactics but need to strive to examine characteristics of the care analytically to guarantee that superior, verified practices are applied in the delivery of treatment care for all persons.

The nurse has to assess the notion of the EBP procedure to enable its comprehensive integration and implementation. Nurses should comprehend the importance of incorporating study outcomes together with customer values when analyzing the treatment strategy. Nurses should be trained, stimulated, and anticipated to reason analytically. This practice of critical discernment relates to the application of the EBP and scientific components in the primary care setting. Well-grounded thinking embraces the necessity for health treatment to be built on a groundwork of the verified investigated facts and to take into consideration the client’s viewpoint.

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The practitioner is vital for the successful application of the EBP. Each nurse, whether working in the critical care, home-based health care, public care, or other medical settings, commonly recognizes the interrelation of treatment and care. Therefore, it becomes essential for nurses to understand research methods for the effective EBP implementation. The basis for the successful EBP is the anticipation of making everybody associated with the documentation, analysis, and application of research-centered treatment and care that may result in the delivery of actual, certified user care. Nurses need to admit the obligation of being active in delivering high-quality care to the patients, which can be accomplished by the practical implementation of study approaches. The whole procedure of reviewing research articles and leading research schemes is intended to reinforce the nurturing specialist’s logical discerning capabilities, thus making a universal care conceivable in the health care setting. Therefore, understanding research methods is instrumental in the implementation of the EBP (Boswell & Cannon, 2014).

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Part: C

The fast increase in the rates of occurrence of diabetes is challenging to health care specialists because of the severe complications of the ailment, which may lead to the amputation of human legs. The most significant problem of the disease is the development of foot ulcers (Salmani & Hosseini, 2010). Foot ulceration and amputation make a significant contribution to the high incidence of mortality that affects people with diabetes. Therefore, the ulceration requires proper management, which can be accomplished with the help of the utilization of the EBP.

In Iran, the occurrence of foot ulcer as a complication of diabetes is severe (Varaei, Salsali, Cheraghi, Tehrani, & Heshmat, 2013). The evidence-based treatment can be considered an effective substitute for assisting in clinical decision making in individual treatment and can result in value enhancement in nurturing exercise. In Iran, there was conducted a research study, which purpose was to identify whether there are effects if the EBP on the performance of nurses who take care of diabetic patients (Varaei et al., 2013). The risk of the recurrence of leg ulceration requires an accurate diagnosis and assessment of the individual patient. Further, affected individuals should be treated based on evidence-based recommendations found in the adopted guidelines or protocols. The latter should in turn rest on the current scientific evidence (Varaei et al., 2013).

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Iran has actively employed the EBP. Practitioners are enrolled in training where they learn how to implement evidence-based treatment method while caring for patients with diabetes. According to Varaei et al. (2013), the education undertakings throughout the sessions involved formulating a scientific problem using the PICO (problem, intervention, comparison, and outcome). The training also included reviewing, analyzing, and discussing research articles and nurturing studies, as well as searching for and synthesizing facts and evidence. Practitioners who have taken part in training were required to repeat the same procedure after the preparation. Consequently, the EBP training and preparation improved practitioners’ abilities, awareness, and assurance in formulating study questions, as well as enhanced their effectiveness in the evidence search, and their capability to use research findings in reality. Practitioners’ participation in the evaluation of individuals with diabetes foot ulcer based on the evidence-based methodology has been desirable before the intercession. Consequently, the EBP can be currently acknowledged as the basis for making medical decisions and providing excellent care. It has become a necessary conviction that all practitioners, irrespective of learning preparation, must participate in the EBP in the medical setting (Varaei et al., 2013).

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Part: D

In summary, the use of the EBP in the medical context has been evaluated to possess many benefits. Among the benefits, it results in a higher quality of care that leads to enhanced patient results since it integrates recently obtained study data and provides them to treatment providers. The EBP has been observed to improve nurses’ assurance, flexibility, as well as increase their expertise and sound perception. Furthermore, the EBP has been found to enhance work satisfaction and teamwork among health care practitioners. The significance of understanding study approaches has been linked to the active application of the EBP as it needs to be based on research. Moreover, the importance of understanding research methods rests on the fact that the research provides more accurate results. Nurses should not rely on unjustified action plans; rather, they should endeavor to examine characteristics of the care analytically to deliver a high-quality care and guarantee that accurately verified approaches are applied in the provision of nurturing care for all persons. Practitioners should assume a duty of being dynamic in providing eminent care to the patients, which can be accomplished by being aware of research approaches.

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