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Introduction and Project Aims

It is imperative for organizations handling large amounts of digital data to utilize computer systems that offer reliability, authenticity and long-term accessibility of information (Cadle & Yeates, 2008). It is attributed to the fact that digital preservation of data creates a background for its current and future processing. The purpose of this project is to provide a guideline of how large metadata ought to be managed and to propose an effective framework to enhance the success of such organizations. Finally, this policy will outline the principles that set the basis for the implementation of this project.

Risk Assessment

Currently, our institution’s systems are at risk of becoming obsolete. Primarily, the network operating system is incapable of handling new storage formats, which compels the management to utilize some old formats. This limits the possibilities of improving the technical infrastructure as well as maintaining large volumes of digital data without strain.

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Needs Statement

To ensure that the policy yields the expected positive results, it is imperative that the network operating system is reconfigured before the implementation of the proposed project. Aside from that, it is important to note that a preservation and retention program will be realized to guarantee the longevity of the proposed system.

Purpose Statement

To create effective policies that envisage the implementation of records information management system for organizations thereby minimizing the flaws arising from the trial and error approach.

Goals and Objectives

  • To ensure that organizations achieve the greatest output of the record system changeover.
  • To provide a guideline for the training and assessment programs necessary during systems implementation.
  • To give a long-term solution to the issues that may arise during the system changeover period.

Projects to Undertake

To ensure the success of this project, assessment of the policies utilized by most organizations and our institution has to be conducted. The findings of this evaluation will be used to determine the weaknesses of the current approaches and devise an appropriate strategy to overcome the present setbacks.

Organizational Commitment

Research for the project will be conducted in the University’s research center. The University’s library will be used to access and examine the structure of the records system used in most departments within the institution. Using this information, an analysis will be conducted and its results will be discussed with some of the personnel working at the database management centers.

Financial Commitment

The funding is necessary since there is a need to hire some consultants to work in the University’s resource center to offer insight on the development of the project. Additionally, these specialists will allow to use their research center for the implementation process as well as provide possible assistance if required for research purposes. Funding will also be necessary for the transformation of records to the required format for storage.


Committee secretary will record the entire project development procedure. Aside from that, he/she will request for the necessary assistance from the institution.

Project leader will supervise the entire development phase and ascertain that proper procedures spelt out in the initial document are followed.

Treasurer will ensure that the financial resources are utilized efficiently and properly.

Project members will make their contribution to the research and analysis processes.

Preservation & Quality Control

The project will preserve both soft copy and hard copy of records. The data will be stored in up-to-date video, textual and audio formats to enhance easy access and fast dissemination of information. This will facilitate quality control and constant development of the system.

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Roles and Responsibilities

The resource center specialists of the organization will take part in the implementation process, especially in the changeover procedure between systems. The project leader will provide insight on further advancements of the project methodology.

Preservation Metadata

This project will be adjusted to the best practices and national standards to ensure that the processes involved in the realization phase conform to the legal framework. Additionally, the records information management system will prevent accidental erasure or data corruption (Robertson & Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, 2006).

Training and Education

Our institution will invest in a training program to familiarize the personnel working with the records information management system. This will ensure that avoidable errors in the operation of the system are minimized (Leadbetter, Blackford, & Piper, 2012).

Evaluation and Updating

Our system implementation plan will be analyzed twice each year to provide the inclusion of new aspects of technology and constant improvement of the system.

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