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The history of every country has always been the subject of numerous debates, investigations and problems to consider. Ancient civilisations, the remains of which have survived the challenges of the centuries and millenniums, continue bothering a human mind and make numerous historians rethink the way they understand the development of events.

History is a direct reflection of mentality. The citizens of every country honour the beginnings of their homeland, their customs and traditions. Loving the country is peculiar for each social identity. Thus, it denotes perceiving its chosen government or honouring the monarch. This idea demonstrates the acceptance of negative and positive historical aspects presented in the following quote: “If anyone is going to take pride in what is truly good about their nation’s past, they must also be prepared to accept what is truly bad in it. One can celebrate as well as mourn. Acknowledging the bad does not diminish the good.” Perceiving both success and failure of the homeland is acceptable as it comprises the personal experience of the Asians and Australians regardless the level of economic development, historical and political factors exercising the impact on the present-day events, and the policy of the state.

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Considering the ways and events that made the profound impact on the development of history, one can notice that the ones peculiar for high-level economy were former colonies or had insufficiency in climatic conditions or natural resources. For instance, the USA received its independence only in 1776. Some of the countries such as Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Singapore known as Asian tigers still do not hold the official juridical approval to be independent from Mainland China. The complicated years of the World War II, the Vietnam wars and other events of the former century have educated Asian representatives to hold considerate and sensible strategy both geopolitically and economically.

Having proclaimed the capitulation on September 2, 1945 Japan holds sustainability in many spheres, in particular it remains the leader in automobile and electronics market for high quality. The Japanese were among the first manufacturers to represent hybrid cars, one of which is Toyota Prius. It supports both petrol and electric appliances for the automobile to function well. Nevertheless, the events preceding relatively rapid success of the country in many spheres were upsetting. Shinto as the Japanese ethnic religion and the nationalist regimes within its part were characteristic to Japan during many centuries. That is the reason such people managed to pertain to their religious and ethnic traditions which promoted establishing their mentality as the paramount factor of economic success. In spite of corruption accusations present in 1945, the country managed to overcome bribery and numerous frauds as well as establish proper legislation and workable economic strategies.

The Japanese mentality in coordination with the performance they follow in the international market reflects sensible and cooperative inclinations and the ability to understand and predict the result based on the profound workability. The forbid of the Sazae-san commix holding offensive caricatures inapplicable for the Japanese society of 1945-1900 could serve proper decision acceptable both by media and common people as well as demonstrate the imperative to respect their ethnicity.

The exemplification of Taiwanese strategies and its geopolitical status reveals the striving to separate from the Communist regime of Mainland China. Taiwan became internationally known as the People Republic of China remaining the part of the mainland country de jure. The events of 1966 and the intention of the USA to defend Taiwan demonstrated the way the Chinese followed the mainland regime as well as revealed the neglect to the intention of the isle to follow a different ideology. However, being afraid to lose its strong strategic partner, Beijing and Washington regulated the conflict peacefully.

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Though the Taiwanese and the Chinese remain the partners of the USA, which preserves sustainability economically and militarily, the three-sided cooperation remains realistic in the spheres of IT and electronics. Taiwan has succeeded in gaining IT sales market in China. The latter also became the manufacturer of less expensive production and acquired the stable position in the world market as well as in the United States. In spite of ideological misperception between the mainland and the island, they could hold balanced partnership. Though Taiwan refused to accept the Communist regime, and some government representatives have made the decision to arrange a separate state, it explains their capitalistic perspective and realization of market strategies aimed at enriching their land and the people. Such a sacrificing is peculiar for Hong Kong, as well. The Singaporean case in the light of sustainable infrastructure serves the specimen of high culture and ensuring high living standard. The Asian countries and their history educate the lesson of the way the states experiencing difficulties, wars and uncertainty can overcome the cruelty and raise economically. The reign of the reason over emotions as well as the understanding of failures proved to be helpful experience for the Asians and their ability to acquire higher, more important role in international society.

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Australian continent demonstrates the unique instance of relative separation from the world history, yet reflect the role of its nature and landscapes in deeper understanding of environmental issues. Being the only continent with unique species of animals, Australia can make the world society rethink the evolutionary theory in general. South-Eastern Australia, particularly Victoria, indicates promising perspectives in creating nature sanctuaries. Melbourne and Sydney are the largest cities with well-developed infrastructure. Considering the aspects of aboriginal origination of native Australians, Richard Broome pays attention to the book, Aboriginal Australians: A History since 1788. He indicates that learning the beginnings of the Australian people in 1982 was similar to racial discrimination issue because the tribes inhabiting the continent could comprise the civilisation. In 2000-2010, these issues have acquired peculiar historic and scientific interest due to numerous natural catastrophes resulting in the extinction of animals and threatening globalisation. As Australia nowadays numbers only 50-60% of English-speaking inhabitants alongside with the speakers of the Philippines or Mandarin Chinese, there remain fewer original inhabitants speaking the language before the British colonisation.

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Australians honour their nature and serve the specimen of unusual mentality. When considering their history, particularly their struggle with the white colonisers, their capability to offer resistance acquired cruel forms: “their historians had long since challenged the emphasis on frontier violence and queried the idea of a frontier with Europeans on one side and Aboriginals on the other”. The attempts to unite to Europeans rather than to British acclaim the national spirit of the Australians and their strivings to attain the freedom from the British Empire. In this case, it is possible to assume determination and pragmatic understanding of the challenge as the feature of Australian mentality.

The specimen of patriotic feelings of Australia demonstrated the events of 2011. Particularly, the Australian investigators remark that the car-flag-flying is close to exclusionary nationalism. The racial discrimination shown in the attempt to make the colour skinned representatives kiss the Australian flag demonstrated the hidden nationalism. Therefore, Australians preserved their patriotism regardless of the colonisation.

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The negative experience of the Australian population comprised the period of extended colonisation in the seventeenth and the eighteenth centuries. People were under foreign oppression, and the origins of the inhabitants of Australia remained unknown. The way the British defeated their customary civilisation did not bring the people to its knees but encouraged to resist and struggle against the oppression.

The Australians are more emotional compared to the Asians. This can serve the reason for relatively less popularity of their education establishments compared to the US and Europe. However, this country acquires more interest for the students, scientists and investigators in various fields.

The understanding of interconnection of mentality and its interaction with making the decision in history comprises peculiar interest in generalising the development tendencies of many countries. The examples of Asian and Australian continents represent the valid proof of people’s devotion to their country regardless historic, political and economic factors.

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The Asian worldlook is peculiar for pragmatic understanding of the ways to solve economic problems and attain sustainable market development as well as establishing international cooperation. The Japanese and Taiwanese made tremendous attempts to achieve high living standard in spite of wars. Australians hold inclinations to more emotional acts due to the substantial number of events, most of which remain unlearned. The resistance offered in gaining independence from the colonial Britain demonstrated the Australian patriotism and nationalism. Though there remained few original Australian inhabitants, the citizens of the state-mainland remained loyal to their homeland despite natural catastrophes and managed to acquire success and receive recognition in the world.

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