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1. When the argument of Magna Carta and Magna Mac is concerned, the two ideologies are presented. Those of the opinion that Magna Mac is the way westernization is taking control of the world, have the view of material exchange in society. That is to mean they tend to look at the distribution of different cultural significant materials across the world and term this as modernization. They tend to forget that the idea of culture is deeply rooted in religion, customs, and traditions that have existed for many years. Some of these traditions do not disappear no matter how transformed the community becomes.

The exchange of different materials of cultural significance is not a new concept. Back when people used to trade, this was a common occurrence. Trade was the fundamental reason behind the exchange and importation of such practices. Over the years, there have been cases of some of the Chinese, Japanese, Indian, and so many other cultural practices, that have made their way to the Western world without any significant lasting impact. It is clear that Western culture only shows how resilient certain cultures are while interacting with the Western ones. The idea of culture lies in the Magna Carta and not on the Magna Mac.

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The other ideology looks at the concept of modernization as the argument for Magna Mac. Although it is more complex, it also had some loopholes. Modernization promotes the idea of having gained literacy, education, and wealth as a way of spreading the Western culture. Adaptation of more civil traits, according to this school of thought, would mean that westernization is being encouraged.

The world does demand civilization, and to continue preserving traits considered archaic would mean being below standards in this society. It is also undisputed that the West shall be deemed to be the first to have acquired the term modernity as its definition. It shows that this very idea of modernity spreads across the world. It, however, does not mean that the world operates on the ground of westernization. People ought to see a clear difference between modernity and westernization. The latter is a cultural adaptation that changes the perspective and traditions of a given group of people to act in a manner that would be considered Western. Modernity, in its turn, is used to push society to adapt to changes that would make their lives better. Modernization did not start with the age of industrialization; it began back in Egypt in the agrarian age. Nevertheless, it did not mean that the life became westernized there. Wearing Blue Jeans, eating the products from McDonald’s, or even having a clear understanding of concepts considered literate does not make someone westernized. This same individual being a Muslim might enter the mosque to pray or get radicalized to plan an attack on the United States, which would beat the concept that Magna Mac is more important than Magna Carta.

Korea as a country is known for its cultural heritage. In this argument, the mask dances, Buddhist temples in the country, Hangul, Confucianism, and the Gyeongbokgung are considered the culture of Korea or Magna Carta. These are important to people despite the modernization that has entered the country.

3. Considering the sacrifices made and the time taken to build what she called their kingdom, one may say this was a betrayal of the highest order. She must have felt devastated to have lost that title. Women in that time and age did not get a privilege to rule. They were to remain queens, while the men were ruling. By all accounts, she was the reason for Jumong becoming a king. If she had decided not to help, he would not have had the privilege of being a king. Traditions also favored the choice of king.

His actions were not selfish at all. Yuri was his first son and, as customs dictated, he was to be crowned prince. He was not an illegitimate child. He was legally his son and his first born for that matter. Considering the position that she was in, the traditions and customs were not on her side in case she would choose to act irrationally. It then removed the idea of rebellion. The community had to find a reason to rebel against their king. Considering the fact that he followed traditions, this was not going to fuel a rebellious action. All activities that would get directed to trigger hatred against the king were ill advised. He might have acted in a way that betrayed the queen, but he did it according to rules and traditions.

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The option of waiting for the end of reign of the crowned prince was also not applicable. The only reason the sons of Soseono were still alive was that the king was alive. The moment he died, there was no reason for her and her sons being live since they would be a threat to the prince. If the choice to stay was the only solution, it would be like sentencing the boys to death. The best and only solution, in this case, would be to leave the kingdom. Moving presented the idea of the boys’ safety. That reduced the risks that might get associated with the choices coming from the anger of the betrayal. Having established the right action to take, what follows was the next most significant action – asking the king to let them leave. The king would consider it disrespectful if his second wife left with no credible reason. Under no circumstance would the reason for being disappointed in the king’s decision be the right idea.

He has not presented any indication that he hated his sons. On the contrary, he has shown that he was a king that was willing to pay attention to the right. To leave with his sons was not something easy. The logical step was to present the idea that the king’s sons were in immediate danger. Traditions might have dictated to make the choice of making Yuri his successor. However, he puts his sons in danger since they have now turned to be a threat to the young princes’ chances for the throne. The king, being a reasonable man, would allow the boys to leave with their mother for their protection.

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The only thing left was the retaliation. If they chose to come back with an army to take back the kingdom, it would take years and many lives. Considering the amount of money already spent for making Jumong a king, it would be too expensive. The chances were that the boys might be hunted by mercenaries. Running with two boys would be not a good life for raising children. The safest way would be to walk away from all this with his boys and move far away from the king’s grip and sway.

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