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Pros and Cons of Meritocracy: High-End Experts versus Low-End Workers

The current paper analyzes the pros and cons of meritocracy trend in relation to the 21st century labor market. It outlines the concept of meritocracy, including its positive and negative connotations. The paper also argues that there are different angles in assessing advantages and disadvantages of the high-end experts versus low-end workers in the context […]



1. Atavism means the recurrence to a previous style, behavior or method after some period of time. Anomie is a social condition that involves a lack of order and cohesion, especially regarding values and norms. Relative deprivation is a theory of social movements and change, according to which, people participate in social change in order […]



Bureaucracy is a social phenomenon which is responsible for the division of functions and authority in the hierarchy of statuses and positions. Its appearance marked the advent of a new era in the social affairs based on the fairness and justice. In addition, it led to the emergence of a set of rules managing the […]

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