Essay on Death

Is Fear of Death Reasonable?

Everyone who was once born will once die. It is not pessimism or philosophy. It is a fact of life. Some people live over 100 years, but no one can live for 200 years. There is no doubt about human mortality, but people often avoid talking and contemplating about it. Why? The reason is fear. Simple fear of death.

The Nature of Death Fear

The will to postpone our life is embedded in our nature. The instinct of self-preservation helps people and animals to avoid dangerous and life-risky situations. Very often the reaction to a threat goes automatically. Living beings jump out, run, and vocalize while understanding a threat. In many cases such a reaction saves lives, but sometimes, it is false. People call it “to be frightened” what means “to be afraid.” Thus, all living beings are afraid to die.

There are just two groups of people who show a relative indifference to death.

1. The fist one comprises those who are indifferent to life too. They live in severe depression and possess the inclination to suicide. For them, the life around seems so colorless and senseless that the instinct of self-preservation weakens and self-destruction becomes possible.

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2. The second group includes religious people who believe in life after death. Many of them confirm that they are not afraid of death, but most of them bear in mind the moment after the last heart beating. Although religious people accept death more humbly, they still are afraid of pain and suffering that follow this natural process.

The development of science and technology will hardly do something with human death. Humans are mortal. Thanks to this, people value life more. Let’s consider everyday problems and critical periods of life. It would be hard to take all live fails and unpleasantness close to heart and still have eager to live without the fear of death.

The eternal life of people in their physical bodies is not only impossible but also unnecessary. Humanity is going to face the problem of overpopulation. No nature cataclysms and fatal diseases stop it. The nature balance tries to stop humanity, but every human being strives to postpone his/her death time.

Those who died can’t share their experience with those who are still alive, but everything is perfectly thought over in physical bodies on the Earth. It is not easy and painless for an infant to be born too, but it does not remember this. The same can be with death. When pain becomes insufferable, a live being loses consciousness. When memories are too painful to live with, a lapse of the memory appears. There is no need to be scared of death too much as it is the natural process, but there is a need to enjoy every moment of your life with whole heart.

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