Homosexual Marriage

A gay marriage is often discussed in public as a really controversial issue and has completely opposite reactions from both advocates and opponents. Every discussion becomes heated as soon as people start talking about lesbian and gay marriages. Generally, there are two main thoughts, considering positive and negative sides. The advocates state that all the individual sexual preferences should be taken into account. They argue that these people also possess all the civil rights, and must be allowed to get married. On the other hand, the opponents strongly proclaim that homosexual marriages are more than immoral. This article is going to present both advantages and disadvantages of a homosexual marriage.

Pros of a Gay Marriage

First of all, it should be mentioned that supporters of the issue state that forbidding any person to get married is immoral itself, because this means that this person is deprived of his or her basic rights. After that, being unable to get married, the person loses certain opportunities that he/she can only get in marriage, including health care, joint tax benefits, as well as social security. The general opinion is that it is illegal to forbid people to get married, and while homosexuals are still considered to be people, no one has any right to deprive them of being people.
More advanced advocates of homosexual marriages say that it is important for homosexuals to fight for their rights, to prove that it is their choice, as well as to show that they are not worse than ordinary people. Being confident of their future, gay couples can guarantee themselves economic as well as legal security in their everyday life. Moreover, when the government finally accepts homosexual marriages, it greatly influences the couple itself, strengthening their relationships.

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Cons of a Gay Marriage

On the contrary, the opponents of a homosexual marriage agree that the notion itself is immoral and leads to the number of divorces between conventional couples. Moreover, people who are against the same-sex marriages proclaim that such a practice can ruin the notion of the long-standing institution of marriage, when two people of different genders engaged their hearts to be devoted to each other. Apart from that, there is one more thought of opponents that is considered to be the most important one – the aim of a marriage. People live together to create a family and give a birth to their descendants – that is a purpose of a marriage. Living together, gay couples will not be able to procreate and even if they adopt a kid, they will not be able to raise it properly. Taking into consideration all the mentioned above, the opponents of homosexual marriages strongly recommend to ban this immoral violation of the established human rights.
It should be said that both proponents and opponents have enough arguments to support their statements. Homosexual marriages are immoral and are considered out of the rules at least. At the same time, gay couples are also human beings and must possess the same rights as conventional couples do. They are not able to bring up children correctly but still have a chance to exist.

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