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Finding Community Solutions from Common Ground: A New Model to End Homelessness

Introduction The problem of inadequate quality of affordable housing continues to be a problem throughout the world. The issue is contributed by the increase in the population and moving of people from their rural homes to cities. Moving to the cities in search of employment is stimulated by the fact that most economical activities in […]


Communications and Media

Media Policy Media policy and regulations have a significant influence on communications and media. The government adopts certain laws to control what the media houses air to the public. In the United States, media policy was designed to regulate the broadcasting sector through the Radio Act of 1997 (Eadie, 2009). The act was signed into […]


A Research Proposal on Depression

Part One A Research Proposal on Depression Research Question The proposed paper will conduct a study on depression in individuals, families, and society.  This research study will revolve around three research questions. These are: What are the risk factors for depression? What are the impacts of depression on individuals and families? How can depression be […]



For many centuries, scientists, researchers, legendary philosophers and anthropologists examine the question of human relationships, identification and belonging. In this case, as in many others, the birth process is a fundamental and symbolic event, which continues the human existence from the physiological point of view. At the same time, the death, without any comparison, also […]


Social and Cultural Issues in Early Childhood

Cultural and social issues regarding early childhood always attract attention of today’ researches. Interest and concerns about the early childhood in the UAE, as well as the other Arab nations, can be viewed in the early twentieth century when missionaries from the West established preschools and introduced education in some Arab countries, which lived under […]


Nuclear Energy against Climate Change

Global climate change is a highly significant issue nowadays. The global warming is caused by the high level of CO2, which is released into the atmosphere of the Earth from the fossil fuels. Therefore, in order to reduce the level of CO2, the usage of fossil fuels as a source of energy should be minimized. […]

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