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Religious Studies and Theology

Many philosophers and scientists have been trying to prove the existence of God and explain the reasons why evil continues to happen throughout centuries. They proposed various theories, which were based on their understanding of God’s nature. This work will discuss and compare the ontological, the cosmological, and the teleological arguments in support of the […]


Limitations of the Spoken Word

In the dialogue “The Inferiority of The Written to The Spoken Word”, Socrates argues that due to the drawbacks of the written word nature, it is not as effective as the spoken word for the communication of truth. His reasoning includes two parts. First, the written word is quite incapable of defending or helping itself. […]


The Afterlife

My creation of a possible afterlife experience is based widely on the works of Frederick W. H. Myers, who was a creative scholar and one of the founders of the Society for Psychical Research. He is reported to have communicated with some diviners all over the globe shortly after his death. His aim is reportedly […]

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