Difference between Intelligent, Smart, and Educated

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What words would you use to characterize yourself? Smart? Intelligent? Educated? Have you ever thought about the true meaning of the words that seem to be synonymous at first glance? It may happen that all three could be used while describing your personality. Some people will treat them as absolutely identical, others will try to read through the lines. Nonetheless, each of the terms denominates its specific shade of meaning.

Is there any strategy to differentiate the notions that may have the same thing in common, but, in fact, should be interpreted in diverse ways? For example, a mother would tell her child in kindergarten that he or she is smart. Somebody attending college may be called educated. Let us puzzle it out!


In the process of growing up, a person may receive a compliment of being smart. However, kids may be mistaken when trying to sort out this word. There is also a chance to get mixed in terms like “street smart’ and “book smart.” The first one is usually referred to as the experience gained in the hood. While the second one is used to praise those who have a sheer interest to get knowledge.
So, where is the truth? Smart denotes a reaction or behavior that is the most appropriate in a certain situation. It means that you learn to get through various circumstances. It is also about being quick on the uptake and inventive. A smart person is ready to learn and to use new knowledge on different occasions. Here are the main characteristics of such a personality:

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  • Physical aspect – being able to take the most of the pastime, moving ahead.
  • Visual factor – using illustrations to brainstorm the subject and a range of ways out available.
  • Verbal component – communicating ideas effectively across people, as well as being innovative and creative to present something.
  • Interpersonal issue – related to the way you react and respond to the society around you. For instance, your colleagues, classmates, or friends.
  • Introspective factor – in charge of how well you deal with your inner personality, as well as time spent on consideration, analyzing, attentiveness to your states and feelings.
  • Logical and mathematical constituent – an ability to estimate the situation, see right through things, be critical, calculate, and apply logic.
  • Musical aspect – being skillful and artistic, absorb melodies at ease. Music may be a tool for learning.

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Educated is referred to as deep knowledge in a particular sphere or subject. From generation to generation, some skills and attainments are passed on with the means of teaching and researching. The process is quite time-consuming and requires a lot of effort and training. Each of us may be curious about different subjects. It is about broadening your mind and becoming a well-rounded person. However, education is closely connected to the books. It also involves learning some life lessons. On this path, you have a chance to investigate what interests you the most.


On the contrary, intelligence is more about our inborn abilities. It shows how an individual perceives new things and learns them. It happens all the way through our lives. A child, in the same manner as an adult, every time faces not known problems and challenges yet. There are concepts which may take longer to realize. An intelligent person is efficacious in this process, while an average one may be less productive.

Being aware of the difference between words like intelligent, smart, and educated, there is less possibility that you will not use them correctly. A person can be smart and intelligent, but not educated and vice versa. So, every time try to pick the context and highlight what is meant.

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